Sunday, March 23, 2014

Need pharmacy school interview advice for a non-traditional student

I have recently been requested for interviews at my pharmacy schools of designation. Do have any advice about what one can do during these interviews? I scored above 50th percentile for my PCAT, I have cumulative chemistry GPA of 3.1 and I have some work experience as a manager for a writing center, sales person for a biotechnology firm, and research assistant for the botany department of a museum. As you may have noticed, I am not necessarily your typical candidate. As a interviewer, what questions would you have for such an abnormal candidate as I? Thank you for you time and concern.

My simple advice would be prepared to explain why you are making a career change. What has drawn you to pharmacy? If you have a family, do you plan to continue working as a full time pharmacy student? Those are things that I would be interested in. While some career changing non-traditional students do very well in pharmacy school, we do see some who immediately realize they can't handle everything required and leave the program. A school doesn't want to risk a spot in a class if they think you haven't made the appropriate plans for life outside pharmacy school.

Good luck.