Friday, September 20, 2013

How far back should I go when listing honors and awards on my PharmCas application?

I'm working on filling out the PharmCAS information for honors & awards, volunteer experience, etc. My question for admissions is how far back should I go as far as putting down that information?

I know when filling out a resume, you're supposed to delete anything from High School once you finish your freshman year of college, so does the same go for applications?

For example, if I volunteered in a hospital office my Junior year of high school is that still valid to put down? The same question goes for any awards and scholarships I got when I graduated.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Honestly, I hardly glance at that section of the application. Unless there is something truly outstanding or you won an award for something that would be very specific to performing well in pharmacy, it won't impact an AdCom's decision.

I'd say fill in something, but do overdo it. I wouldn't add high school items unless it pertains directly to health care or pharmacy.

Good luck.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Will being a part time student completing pharmacy prereqs at a community college - will this hurt my chances?

I stumbled across your blog and was hoping that you could help me. I am currently in the process of applying to pharmacy school. I am returning back to school to pursue in a career in pharmacy having previously graduated with a bachelor's of science in apparel merchandising and product development (GPA 3.3) and an associate of applied science in advertising and marketing communications (GPA 3.4). My current GPA for my pre-requisite classes is 3.9. 

I just took the PCAT and got a score of 92%. I am nationally certified and registered with the state board of pharmacy as a pharmacy technician. I have been working part time as a technician for 1.5 years. 

My concerns are as follows. I have only been a part time student since I have returned back to school. This is due to needing to complete prerequisite classes for the pharmacy school prerequisites. I know I can handle a full schedule if I am admitted to pharmacy school. I just want to know if this will count against me. Also, I was going to a private university to complete my prerequisite classes, but I had problems with my financial aid and I can no longer afford it. I have 5 more prerequisites to complete and will have to do so at a community college. Will this affect my chances of being accepted? Also, I have not taken Organic Chemistry yet. I will be taking Organic Chemistry 1 this fall. Will schools consider my application before this class is completed? Sorry for so many questions, I appreciate any insight and ways to help increase my chances of getting accepted. Thank you!

Being a part time student can impact a committee's decision. Certainly we discuss this when we review applications, however, because your transcript appears to be rather solid I don't think the impact on your review will be that great.

Taking a few classes at a community college shouldn't have much impact either. No reason to worry about it in my opinion.

Most schools will want to see your Orgo 1 score before making a decision. It is also possible that they might assume you will do well based on your academic history and could extend an offer to you without the score pending successful completion of the course (as well as all other prereqs)

Good luck.