Thursday, March 21, 2013

How should I express my appreciation to those who helped me get into pharmacy school?

I am so happy to be starting pharmacy school this fall and feel like I should give the people who wrote letters of recommendation some sign of my appreciation because they obviously helped me out a lot. Is this appropriate or what would you recommend?

I do not think you should feel obligated to give a gift to someone who wrote a letter of recommendation for you. It is a very nice gesture, certainly, but it is not an expectation of the reviewer.

I have had students bring me a bag of M&Ms because I have a candy jar in my office. One gave me a CD because I used to make fun of the music he listened to. Cookies or a card are also very thoughful. If you have a personal relationship with the reviewer (ie, a pharmacist you work with, mentor, or college advisor) something very small is acceptable. If it is a professor or someone you voluntered with, an email or phone call to let them know you were accepted into pharmacy school to thank them for the time they spent is more than enough.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I can't get out of work to attend my pharmacy school interview. Why should I do?

I just got an interview invite for March 22nd, however I may not be able to attend that day due to work obligations. Do you think schools would be willing to let me change the interview date? I would prefer to do it after when my schedule at work loosens up more, but would a school be willing to accommodate my request?

I can almost guarantee that a school will work with you. However, please consider the following from the perspective of the school:
1) what is more important to you - work or your pharmacy school interview?
2) is it possible for you to rearrange your work schedule?

If you choose to reschedule your interview, I would not tell them the reason is because you cannot get out of work. Understand that most interviewees are missing school and/or work to attend out of town interviews and choosing not to do this could be perceived negatively by some. It's just something to consider. Just state that you had an unexpected conflict and you need to reschedule if that is the direction you choose.

Good luck.