Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pharmacy school interview preparation

 As my interviews are coming up one for this weekend and another one for following weekend, I really would like to ask you for specific techniques for the interview.

I've been preparing by reading reviews and reading lots of interview books and websites, also doing the mock interview.thus, I know all the basic things, like "what to do", "what not to do".

But if you can tell me your special advice/techniques that you can give me, like how I can really impress the interviewer, or how you have been actually impressed by intervewee, I really appreciate it. Or what particurally do you look for when you interview students? Anything will be a big help for me right now.

Also, is there anything I should be careful for since I'm an international student?

Answer: This is going to sound overly simple, but "be yourself". Too many applicants try too hard to impress the interviewers and it shows. Don't have rehearsed answer for questions, but engage the person asking the questions, making it as conversational as possible.

The applicants I most remember are those that won't stop talking and seem to have answers prepared rather than think about the question and have a dialogue with me. In this case, you would prefer to not be memorable.

As an international student, I assume the interviewer will be closely judging your communication skills if English is not your native language. Speak slowly and clearly. I wish you the best.

Please let us know how it goes.