Saturday, July 5, 2014

Financial dilemma - public vs private pharmacy school

Question: I have a dilemma, I don't want to be in 200K of debt. I've been wait listed at a public school but admitted to a private one where I have given a deposit.  What if I go to the private school for a week, and then find out I've been accepted at the public school? Do I have an outlet within a timeframe or am I stuck with the private school that will put me in a huge finanical crisis?

Response: First of all, I believe that if you make a commitment and enroll in a program that you should commit yourself to it.  However, I understand the financial pressures that students feel (I was a student once too).

Most schools have a window where you can get part or all of your tuition back one school has started. For example, if you leave school by Sept. 1, you might receive a 90% refund of your tuition; before Sep. 15, 70%; and no refund after that date. You should check with the school where you plan to enroll first.  I suspect this information is in your enrollment information or may be available on their website.

Good luck.

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