Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What are my chances of getting into pharmacy school?

Verbal - 36
Biology - 80
Reading Comp - 38
Quant - 65
Chemistry - 85

Composite - 65 (terrible, only 1 month to study)

GPA 3.56 and I have tons of activities under my belt (I managed to fill up all 10 spots on the pharmcas application). I have excellent LORs from very good sources. I've been a pharmacy technician for 4 years.

What are my chances?

Your scores are far from terrible. You will need to address your low Verbal and Reading scores, but the other subsets are very competitive. With a BS and pharmacy experience in hand, you can make a strong case. As a reviewer, I would be paying close attention to your communication skills as a result of the low Verbal and Reading PCAT scores. If you do well in an interview setting, you can negate the concern.

Good luck.

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Listowell Mensah said...

Hello I am applying to pharmacy schools I just took the pcat and I did bad. I got 36 on verbal, 10 on bio 55 quantitative, 61 on chemistry, 56 reading my composite was 38. I have 3.6 gpa with four strong letters of recommendation I have applied to both pcat and non pcat schools. What are my chances in getting into the schools?