Saturday, February 15, 2014

What should I wear to my pharmacy school interview?

Question: I wanted to know for an interview is it PC to only wear like neutral colors or can I wear something a little different. I'm wearing a suit but do I have to wear a typical white/blue collared shirt underneath or can I wear something that stands out a bit. The reason I ask this is I've worked in HR and I've found that people that come dressed extra nice and have a little color or "Stand out" I remember them more so then the typical black suit white shirt applicant. I know this is a random question but one school, one application, one shot... I have to make it the best shot I give.

Answer: I should preface my response by telling you that I am not terribly up to date on current fashion trends. However, since you ask, I would recommend the standard issue business suit. Ladies should wear something professional. A pant suit or dress would be appropriate. I would strongly recommend against wearing anything very revealing. You should consider this a job interview - and a very important one at that.

If wearing something a little bit unique fits your personality, go for it. Just don't overdo it. Wear a unique tie, but stick with the white or blue shirt.

I would probably only remember an applicant's clothes if they were in poor taste or inappropriate. What I typically remember about the student is how they answer questions and what kind of "vibe" I get from them.

Dress professionally and you'll be fine.

Good luck with the interview.

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